Empathy and Friendship

How to help your child learn the skills to be a better friend.

Empathy and Friendships

Are you concerned that your child is having trouble making or keeping friends? Considering how important friendship is to children, looking at the reason why a child is having difficulty may shed some light and find a way to improve their socialization skills suggests Sara Dimerman, parent educator and author of Character is the Key. “If a child is having difficulty with his or her friends we need to look at not only whether they’re able to empathize with their friends, but also have to look at so many other factors. So for example, how your child interacts with other children. So, does your child present as being bossy, or is your child perhaps too timid, is there a ringleader at school that is trying to pull the other children away from your child? And so there’s so many different dynamics that might impact on why your child might be struggling with friendships and empathy is just one of those.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sara Dimerman, a therapist, parenting educator and author of Character is the Key.

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