Tips for Exam Anxiety

A few tips on helping kids cope with exam anxiety.

Exam Anxiety

We’ve all been there – exam time, so most of us know just how stressful it can be for our kids. Test anxiety is pretty common among students, although some suffer more than others. But there are many simple ways for kids to cope when they’re tense about their exams, says Cynthia Last, author of Help for Worried Kids.”Usually they’re feeling very nervous and anxious the night before the test. Also, feeling very fearful the morning of the test. They get into the test situation and they’re a bit frozen. Usually that anxiety will dissipate in five or ten minutes in almost all situations, and they’ll be able to function. But one of the things they can do in the five or ten minutes, is they can either use coping self-talk statements, that is, talking positively in their head, or they can do some relaxation procedures that will help them to relax.”

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The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Cynthia Last, author of Help for Worried Kids.

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