Summer Camps and Homesickness

What to do when your child is homesick while away at camp.


Going to an overnight, or residential camp, is an experience many children go through. They also go through a bout of homesickness. In fact feeling homesick is pretty much a given, as is the fact that they’ll likely get over it says psychologist Michael Thompson, author of Homesick and Happy. “Kids get homesick and they want to leave and they write terrible notes to their parents saying “come get me, I’ve thrown up five times today, I need to see a doctor”. What the camp director and the counselor are seeing much of the time, is that 7/8 of the day, the child is happy, engaged with friends and having a good time. But, they are crying right before bedtime or just before dinner; there are sad moments but the counselor and the camp directors can handle it much better than parents. When parents are constantly calling a homesick child, it just makes the child more homesick.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Michael Thompson, a psychologist, international speaker, and author of Homesick and Happy.

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