Halloween Candy

 What to do with your child’s pounds of Halloween candy.

Halloween Candy

So, all year long you work hard at serving nutritious food to your kids and limiting junk food, only to have your efforts sabotaged by Halloween.  Granted, Halloween and trick or treating is so much fun.  But what do you do with those pounds of Halloween candy when it’s over? Daina Kalnins, co-author of Better Food for Kids offers a few suggestions. “When it comes to Halloween, certainly for the younger children maybe suggest to them that out of all of their candy to pick out ten of their favorites that you approve of.  Those might be the chips or the chocolate.  You may not want them to have any of the chewy candy that you know is harmful to their teeth, and then just get rid of the rest. Really it depends on the family but I would recommend limiting it because it’s a tremendous amount of candy that some of these kids can get from a few blocks of trick or treating.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Daina Kalnins, co-author of Better Food for Kids.

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