When Your Teens Friends Are a Bad Influence

Are you concerned about your teen’s friends? You may be wondering if the time has come to speak up and express your concerns.

Teens & Bad Friends

If your teen is getting into a little trouble, you may wonder how much of that bad behaviour is influenced by their peer group. It’s an understandable worry, but taking that to the next step and banning friends isn’t recommended explains John Westland social worker in Adolescent Substance Abuse at the Hospital for Sick Children.”Banning our kids from seeing other friends rarely works actually. It just makes things more attractive and kids will put effort into going around the ban and sneaking around to see their friends.”

But John does offer this suggestion. “Instead, I encourage parents to not put down our kids’ friends or judge them. That will encourage your child to defend the kid you don’t want them hanging out with. Staying in contact with the person you don’t like actually has it’s merits. Invite the kid over, get to know him, find out what’s happening with him. Get to know the parents, and try to make a connection with them if you can.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest is John Westland, a social worker at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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