Snowbank Safety

Why Snowbanks are Unsafe for Kids to Play On.

Snowbank Safety

As the winter months pass, the piles of snow at the sides of roads and in parking lots and driveways gets higher and higher. To a child, tunneling into a snow bank and building a fort, or using a snow banks for sledding down does seem ideal, but the fact is, snow banks pose dangers. The tunnels and forts could collapse, or kids could slide right into traffic. Pamela Fuselli, executive director of Safe Kids Canada elaborates on the danger of snow banks. “In terms of snow-banks, I’d be very careful about going on them and to only play on snow-banks that are not near driveways or roadways, if at all possible. I think snow-banks are very attractive to kids. In the urban areas we don’t want kids using those, especially near roads or driveways because the motorists are not prepared for somebody sliding down a hill like that into traffic or onto a driveway.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Pamela Fuselli, executive director of Safe Kids Canada. Adapted from The Parent Report Radio Show.

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