Creating Holiday Rituals

Why creating holiday rituals and traditions keeps families close

Creating Holiday Rituals

What’s more fun to a child, getting gifts or creating a wish list? Probably the wish list…an annual ritual kids love. In fact, it’s the traditions and rituals of the holiday season that are most meaningful, says Nicholas Long, co-author of Parenting the Strong Willed Child.When you think back to Christmases you had as a child, many people don’t remember what they got as presents but they remember the family activities and what they did during those times, whether it was decorating the Christmas tree or something that happened during the meals such as what type of food they had.  Often times the presents, over time, have a lot less meaning and it’s those interactions that people remember in the long term.And you can never underestimate the importance of your family’s traditions.Family traditions and rituals are very important to young children It makes children feel connected to their family when it has some type of unique tradition or ritual.

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