Holiday Food Safety

How to ensure your family doesn’t come down with food poisoning over the holiday season.

Holiday Food Safety

There are a lot of gatherings over the holiday season, from office parties, to neighborhood drop-ins.  Most of them have one thing in common and that is food.  While we love to indulge in rich foods at this time of year, those same foods can pose a hazard to ourselves and to our families’ health, explains Lynn Wilcott, of Food Protection Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control.

“People put out a big buffet of different foods, potato salad and different meats, all kinds of things, and they’ll leave it out for the whole evening. And, so that food is sitting on a table, at room temperature, for many, many hours. It might have been fine to begin with, but, sometimes food gets contaminated by people touching it, people double-dipping. That’s how those foods can get contaminated by someone else. A pathogen gets into that food at room temperature, they grow very, very quickly. The next person eating that can get very, very sick.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Lynn Wilcott, of Food Protection Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control. Adapted from The Parent Report Radio Show.

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