Make A Swirling Snowstorm

Here’s an easy and fun winter craft for your kids!   

For your stormy winter wonderlands all you need are some screw-top jars, water, glycerine, glitter and a few toys. Add them together , and you have a perfect gift for all the movers and shakers you know.


What you need:

Plastic Toy
Strong Glue

Glycerine is a nontoxic liquid that can be bought in most pharmacies and craft stores. It slightly thickens the water so that your glitter-snow falls more slowly when you shake it. Use about one part glycerine to two parts water.

JAR TIP: Choose a small jar with a screw-top lid. You may want to test it  – you don’t want your snowstorms to leak!

GLUE TIP: To attach the toy, use a strong glue that seals even when in water. For an extra seal, add glue around the lid and inside the rim. This prevents leakage.


1 – Add glitter to glycerine






2 – Fill jar with water






3 – Stir well






4 – Glue down a plastic toy






5 – Screw the lid on tightly






Excerpted from Christmas Ultimate Sticker and Activity Collection by Jane Bull.

Published by DK Books.



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