Early School Family Life Radio Shows — 26 December 2017
Pets and Children

How a family pet can improve your relationship with your child.

Pets and Children

There’s something about children and pets.  Perhaps it’s that pets give such unconditional love. From gerbils to horses,  pets can teach children responsibility and can simply be a friend who is always there for them.  Pets are also great at facilitating heart to hearts between parents and kids. Really. Adam Cox, author of “Boys of Few Word” tells us more.”There’s a tremendous amount of researchabout the usefulness of pets in all kinds of psychological treatment and in my office I always make sure to have an animal there as a point of common discussion, a kind of caring and care-taking that children can share;  they love to feed the fish or other kinds of small animals. And when parents have to have a serious talk at home, the presence of an animal in the room often minimizes tension and stress.  So if the animal is clsoe enough to a child so he can stroke it or make phsyical contact with that animal, it will help him feel less alone. ”


The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Adam Cox, author of “Boys of Few Words”.

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