Girls and Fitness

Keeping our daughters tuned into keeping fit

Girls and Fitness

Funny thing happens to girls on their way to becoming young women…they become more sedentary. Stasticis tell us, time and time again, that once girls hit about grade 4 their interest in physical activity decreases for a variety of reasons. Four time Olympian and author of Child’s Play,  elaborates.

“I think girls at 9-12 are particularly prone to peer pressure, to body image issues, and that is a time when they’re often dropping out of sports. and I think that should tell us something.  That’s telling us that the sport that we’re building for that age group is not meeting their needs and as educators and as people who are passionate in the area of physical activity, I think that we need to respond to that analysis and start changing the kinds of activities that we’re getting girls involved in. In their school, if there isn’t a dance club ora yoga group, maybe you can participate in starting one.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Silken Laumen author of Child’s Play,

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