Making Your Child’s Lunch Food Safe

How to pack a school lunch for your child that’s food safe.

Safe Lunches

Lunchtime is a crucial meal for kids, carrying them through the rest of their busy day. So it’s important to not only pack a nutritious snack but a food-safe one as well. And it’s not all that difficult to do, as long as we follow a few basic food-safe rules explains Lynn Wilcott with the Food Protection Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control. “There’s really a couple of things that parents can do. Certainly using those insulated bags are a really good idea. Sort of the basic rules of thumb that you want to use is want to build to keep those potentially hazardous foods, you either want to keep the colds food cold, or if you’re going to be serving your child hot food, hot soup, you want to make sure to keep it hot so you put it in a thermos to keep it hot. So it’s cold foods cold, hot foods hot, that’s your basic rule of thumb.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest is Lynn Wilcott of Food Protection Services at the BC Center for Disease Control.

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