Family Road Trips

The benefits of unplugging our kids while on a family road trip.

Family Road Trips

Hitting the open road with kids in tow is a great way to see our country, not to mention it’s a lot of fun. But as Dr. Harley Rotbart, pediatrician and author of No Regrets Parenting warns us, there’s not much to be gained when kids are always plugged in. “Cars are incredibly powerful captive moments for families, and if everyone is plugged in to a different digital distraction, you may be on a trip together and you may be in the car together, but you’re separated. If not by miles, you’re separated by bandwidth.”

Dr. Rotbart offers some alternatives to those computer games and backseat dvd players. “Find goofy roadside attractions, and quirky diners. Go camping in places where your digital devices don’t get reception, but plan to have dedicated, devoted time. Road trips are a wonderful way of doing that.”

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