Happily Married With Kids

Most new parents quickly discover that the arrival of a newborn — and the subsequent changes in priorities and lifestyle — can put a tremendous strain on even the best of marriages. In fact, research indicates that sixty-seven percent of new parents complain they are having less sex, less fun, and more arguments than before kids entered the picture. Balancing parenthood and marriage is a common challenge faced by all families, but Dr. Carol Ummel Lindquist offers hope for couples coping with parenthood, as well as those wanting to protect and enhance their relationship.

Happily Married With Kids

Author: Carol Ummel Lindquist, MD ISBN 0-425-19395-0

The author of the critically acclaimed Happily Married With Kids: It’s Not Just a Fairy Tale (Berkley Pub Group; 2004; 00/trade paperback), Dr. Lindquist, a marriage counselor, psychologist, and mother of two, explores why parenthood can sometimes wreak havoc on dreams of a happily ever after– and reveals what couples can do to make their marriages solid and satisfying. Dr. Lindquist is able to not only describes and analyzes problems, but she also focuses on solutions, recovery, and repair. With 25 years of professional experience — and her own successful marriage — Dr. Lindquist shows your audience how to:

-Avoid the real parent trap: exhaustion and disruption
-Manage conflicts and improve communication
-Stay best friends with each other
-Balance work and home
-Enjoy their kids — and each other — at every age
-Revive their sex life
-Find humor in everyday difficulties
-Make time for themselves and their marriage

Dr. Lindquist offers your audience illuminating suggestions and specific tips that will help couples stay connected, communicate well, have a good sexual relationship, negotiate responsibilities, and learn to enjoy the rich joys that can be experienced in one’s marriage and with one’s children. With sharp insights and a bright sense of humor, Dr. Lindquist discloses her own marital and parental challenges as well as what did and didn’t worked for her. This makes for a very engaging, practical, and fun guide offering a realistic look at marriage and how to keep marital relationships strong, loving, and collaborative.

Carol Ummel Lindquist, Ph.D., conducts workshops for couples with children and is a board certified clinical psychologist and a Professor Emerita of Psychology at California State Fullerton, where she headed the M.S. Program in Clinical/Community Psychology Program. In addition, she has published numerous journal articles.

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