Moms Parents Radio Shows — 28 September 2012
Single Parent Mothers of Teens

Why single parent moms need extra support when raising teens.

Single Moms

Raising teens, can be at times, challenging, and naturally so. As they grow increasingly independent, so too can they become somewhat more defiant. Arthur Robin, co-author of Your Defiant Teen says dealing with teen rebellion can be even more challenging for single parent moms…meaning they need all the help they can get. “You try to enlist whatever support systems you have, for example, grandparents can play a crucial role in supporting single parent moms, close family friends. I find the most difficult situation with defiance is the single parent mom with teenage boys especially if they have more than one teenage boy, and there aren’t any father-like figures in the picture. In such cases I would look to other support systems like uncles, mentors, big brother groups, and things like that to provide some male influence to help.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest is Arthur Robin, co-author of Your Defiant Teen.

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