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The Pleasure of Parenting

A reminder of the joy and pleasure of raising kids.

The Pleasure of Parenting

It’s true that parenting our children is work. Cooking meals, cleaning the home, helping with homework, doing laundry and driving, are but a few of the jobs that goes with raising kids. But Anna Johnson, author of The Yummy Mummy Manifesto reminds us that being a parent, and in particular a mom, is also a thing of pleasure. “I think one of the most important and forgotten aspects of motherhood and being a mother and women is pleasure. It’s the spirit of keeping the flame of your womanhood and individuality alive within the context of being a mom and having a family. If you can derive pleasure from every aspect of this life-altering job, and it is as job as well as a passion, do so with pleasure. Dress with pleasure, cook and eat and enjoy your child with pleasure, and just have a laugh because if you can’t do that, then is no point for this in the first place.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest is Anna Johnson, author of The Yummy Mummy Manifesto.

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