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Over Investing in Kids

A look at the dangers of living our dreams through our children.

Over Investing in Kids

Did you ever wish that you had the chance to excel at music, dance, maybe sports or academics?   It’s wonderful then when we can give our own children those opportunities we never had, as long as we’re doing it for them, not us explains Dr. Jim Taylor, author of Positive Pushing. “One of the great joys for parents is to share in their children’s joys, experiences, life and loves. The difficulty is when parents become overly invested in their child’s achievement activities so that it’s no longer really about the child’s interests and needs but about the parents needs. Children feel that, and they feel that pressure, and they will resist it.”

Jim adds that everyone benefits when parents have a life. “One of the greatest gifts parents can give their kids is to get a life, meaning get their own life, because if parents have a life of their own that’s rewarding and satisfying and meaningful, and  they won’t need to place their own lives on the shoulders of their children and expect their children to give them the life that they need.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jim Taylor, author of Positive Pushing.

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