Families & Job Loss

 How to explain job loss to our children.

Families and Job Loss

Let’s face it. Raising a family is expensive and nothing makes times more difficult than the loss of a job.  And while breaking the news to our kids is difficult, kids need to know how it’ll affect them, says Sharon Hall, author of Raising Kids in the 21st Century. “Middle childhood and adolescent children should be able to understand a job loss, and what that means for an entire family and how they will be able to cope with the job loss.  Perhaps that means a tightening of the budget and those kinds of things that elementary, middle and high-school age children can understand.” And remember, remaining optimistic has a positive influence on kids. Parental resilience is the best predictor of child resilience. If parents say, yes we will get through this, children can much more easily cope with these same kinds of issues.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sharon Hall, author of Raising Kids in the 21st Century.

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