Moms Parents Radio Shows — 08 May 2013
Demands on New Mothers

The demanding life that new mothers face

Demands on New Mothers

If you’re a mom, chances are your expectations of being a perfect one are pretty high. Right from day one, many moms think they need to do it all – look great, be a fabulous cook, keep a perfect home and be a wonderful mother. As Erica Wells author of The New Mom Survival Handbook tells us, the expectations moms have for themselves aren’t imagined. “I think those demands are very real on mothers today.  I think the massive change in routines for moms, the massive change in their lifestyle is so overwhelming and you can feel like you have to do it all. And when you can’t you may feel that you have failed, whereas you haven’t at all. You are absolutely doing the right thing. You are taking care of this brand new bundle of joy and you really need to pat yourself on the back for all of the accomplishments that you’ve made. It’s a tough gig being a new mom.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Erica Wells author of The New Mom Survival Handbook.

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