Dads Parents Radio Shows — 11 June 2013
Media and Dad’s

 A look at how the media portrays today’s fathers.

Media and Dad’s

Statistics tell us that more than 40% of couples will divorce or separate.  That means a lot of families experience the upheaval and change that divorce brings, and many more fathers than mothers will find their time with their children limited.  But despite this there is one thing that will not change says Steve Poulter, author of Father your Son.

“You may be divorced from their mother, but you’re never divorced from your children, you’re always their father. So I encourage men, in spite of their marital status or custody agreement, that they stay involved with their children and find ways to be involved.  Call them daily.  When you have time with them, be with them. A part of being a father isn’t showing your kids a good time.  They don’t need a friend – they need a dad, and that’s what you are to them regardless of your marital status.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Steve Poulter, author of Father your Son.

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