Baby Behavior Radio Shows — 03 October 2013
Speech and Reading

The connection between language development and reading.

Speech and Reading

Sitting down and reading with your child, or simply conversing one-on-one can do a lot to help develop language skills including learning how to read. In fact it’s our oral language of story telling and conversation that’s the first building block to reading says Cathy Puett-Miller, author of Anytime Reading Readiness. “Oral language, how we use words in speech, is a long neglected issue with young children.  As our families get busier it’s easier to be a bit more demonstrative especially with two and three year olds saying ‘don’t’, ‘stop’ and using those types of very short words. But when we see the kind of growth in oral language that helps them get ready to be great readers, we see back and forth conversations using lots of different words. Listening to what the child is saying and expanding and talking more about it. That’s when oral language builds towards reading readiness.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Cathy Puett-Miller, author of Anytime Reading Readiness.

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