Baby Behavior Development Radio Shows — 07 November 2013

The amazing developments of preschool children.


 If you’re the parent of a preschooler than you know preschoolers are capable of so much and they want to prove it.  Which is why allowing preschoolers to be a little more independent is a good idea says Dr. Jeremy Friedman, author of Canada’s Toddler Care Book. “I think they’re becoming really quite independent now and they really want to do thing for themselves and they really are quite capable.  And I think this is an age when parents really need to start allowing them to do more and more for themselves and actually encouraging this independence. I think, for example, in terms of dressing themselves often times children will choose what they want to wear.  I think you have to sort of give them a little bit of leeway and let them pick out what they want to wear and as long as they’re not going out in shorts and a t-shirt in the snow, then give them that leeway and allow them to make some choices for themselves.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jeremy Friedman, author of Canada’s Toddler Care Book.

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