Baby Radio Shows Sleep — 25 February 2014
Sleep and New Parents

Why sleep is vital for keeping relationship strong and for parenting well.

Sleep and New Parents

It’s difficult for parents of young children and infants to get enough sleep. But without a good night’s sleep it’s tough to not let the little things bother you. In other words we can become grumpy parents explains Carol Ummel Lindquist, author of Happily Married with Kids. “For new parents, sleep disruption is a problem because if they cannot sleep through the night then they’re likely not to make as good of decisions, they’re likely to be grumpy with each other, they’re likely to use poor communication skills.” And when it comes to middle of night wakings parents need to share the load, otherwise sleep deprivation can get serious. “If you’re a person who really suffers from sleep deprivation, and it does put some people into a clinical depression, you need that sleep. I like the solution where Dad gets up when the baby cries, comforts him and brings him to Mom in bed so that she can feed him. That way they share that disruption a little bit and feel closer to each other. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is  Carol Ummel Lindquist, author of Happily Married with Kids.
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