Laughing Through Tough Times

What a little humor brings to a family when times are tough.

Laughter in the Family

Let’s face it, life has it’s up and downs and getting through those times can be trying.   Even the day to day of raising a family can be stressful. But as the old saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine”.  In fact, it’s pretty much a necessity when you’re raising kids says Carol Ummel Lindquist, author of Happily Married With Kids. “I think humor’s important because you’re going to be running into difficult situations and if you don’t laugh, you’re going to cry and your going to get irritated and upset. So if you’re aware of the irony  and you can look over your kids head and have a twinkle in your eye, you’re just going to be happier.” Not only is a little levity good for parents, it’s important for kids. In fact, studies show that kid’s who have a sense of humor are more resilient. “I think humor teaches your kids resilience they learn not to be crushed by things that are disappointing but rather to laugh, see what you’ve learned and move on. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Carol Ummel Lindquist, author of Happily Married With Kids.
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