Moms Parents Radio Shows — 08 May 2014
Mom Sanctuary

How to create a little space and time for you and you only.

Mom Sanctuary

For moms feeling tapped out isn’t just common, it’s understandable.  That’s because in many ways, moms have to be all things to all people as Ana Johnson, author of The Yummy Mummy Manifesto explains. “We really are expected to do three shifts. One is as a lover to our husbands and partners. Another is as an economic slave to the times we live in and the third role as a primary caregiver to our children. We really don’t have a space for ourselves and we have to carve it out as if with a knife.”Ana feels all moms would benefit from having a sanctuary – a place in their home where they can go to recharge. “A sanctuary can be pocket of time for the mother, it can be a room in your house where no one else is allowed . It can be as simple as the way you decorate your bed. It is a place where you go to heal and recoup the energy. A lot of women spend hundreds of dollars to decorate the nursery but there is nothing in their homes for them.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Ana Johnson, author of The Yummy Mummy Manifesto.
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