Moms Parents Radio Shows — 07 May 2014
Perfect Mother Myth

Are you a supermom? Giving up on the perfect mom myth.

Perfect Mother Myth

Are you a mom who tries to do it all?  You’re not alone – a lot of us moms have bought into the idea of being all things to all people.  But in reality, trying to have the perfect household, perfect kids, and perfect careers isn’t realistic says Susan Callahan, author of Mother’s Need Time Outs, Too. “You know, the perfect mom is a myth. Sometimes it feels like there is an unspoken, unwritten goal for mothers to be more selfless. There’s never any end to please others and do better. The bar has been set so high these days and we are multi-tasking so much that the time we spend with our kids isn’t being appreciated and experienced. Anna Quinlan has a great quote, “What is really hard is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of being yourself”. So it is all about letting go of those high standards, give yourself a break by letting others help you and not feeling that you have to do it all yourself.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Susan Callahan, author of Mother’s Need Time Outs, Too.
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