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Homemade Baby Food

How to save money while feeding your baby nutritious food.

Homemade Baby Food

When the time comes for your baby to begin solid foods, you may think that the best food is available on the supermarket shelves. But just as fresh, homemade foods are more nutritious and tasty for us, the same is true for baby. As well, homemade baby food saves money and is easy to make explains Emma Waverman, co-author of Whining & Dining. “Baby food is really easy to make at home and often the food that you’re eating at dinner can easily be made into baby foods, so if you’re baking a sweet potato for yourself, your can easily make one for your baby. A banana is a great transportable baby food, as is an avocado. And making baby food is easy and affordable. You just need to have a couple of utensils to do it with.”

And homemade baby food can be just as convenient as canned. “Homemade baby food can also easily be frozen in ice-cube trays and you can just pop one or two ice-cubes out for each meal.”

Emma WavermanThe Parent Report’s Expert Guest is Emma Waverman, is a parenting blogger and co-author of Whining & Dining.

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