Love and Relating Parents Radio Shows — 04 February 2015
Benefits of Strong Marriages

Why keeping your marriage healthy and strong is good for you and your kids.

Benefits of Strong Marriages

Fact is, not all marriages are built to last, and certainly staying together simply for the sake of the children, usually isn’t a great idea.  However, if we can keep our relationships healthy, it’s worth it both for us and our kids.  Love between parents provides children with a sense of safety and well being say Howard Markman, one of the authors of Twelve Hours to a Great Marriage. “A strong relationship between parents is good for children. First of all, it provides a psychological sense of security that they know their parents are going to be there for them virtually no matter what. It role models what love is in a relationship so that the children, when they are becoming young adults, can be good partners. It provides the best possible environment for children when their parents are in a healthy marriage in terms of their performance in school, how they do with their peers, and in their general emotional well-being.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Howard Markman, one of the authors of Twelve Hours to a Great Marriage.

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