The Myth of the Work Family Balance

Does the work family balance exist, or is it a myth?

Work & Family Myth

Many of us try for the perfect balance of a performing well at our jobs, spending the right amount of quality time with our kids, and keeping the perfect home. But Susan Callahan, co-author of Moms Need Time Outs Toosays trying to be all things to all people could be a recipe for one burned-out, stressed-out parent. “We’re incredibly task-oriented wherever we go and it’s a matter of letting some of that go, and giving yourself permission to slow down. Understand that the ‘balance’ word is almost close to the ‘perfectionism’ word, it’s awfully close to that.  Be a work in progress and understand that that is okay. Your work may be tipping the scale at some point, and your home may have to suffer and then at other times your home needs you and at your work you can’t do the extra project that you had hoped to do.  So it’s okay to be a work in progress.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Susan Callahan, Co-author of Moms Need Time Outs Too

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