Moms Parents Radio Shows — 01 May 2015
Happy Motherhood

A few ideas on how to be the happiest mom on the block.

Happy Motherhood

Let’s face it, life changes a lot once you’ve had a baby.  If you’re a new mom, you may find staying home with baby can feel isolating and you may feel that you’ve lost you’re identity.  But Ana Johnson, author of The Yummy Mummy Manifesto says you can still retain your individuality while being a great mom.  In fact, it’ll make you a better one! “I think mothers need to keep their brains alive, their intellects intact. So you should surround yourself with people who see you still as a woman not just a mother. I think one of the keys to being happy as a mother is to not being obsessed with how you appear to others. It’s important to meet your own standards because there are a lot of arbitrary standards set by others. Everything from whether your child is crying in the supermarket to how short your dress is, you are judged. And, once you abandon that need for approval from society you are going to be a happy, happy mother.”

Ana Johnson, author of The Yummy Mummy Manifesto.
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