Baby Nutrition Radio Shows — 02 July 2015
The Nutritional Benefits of Breastmilk

The latest on how breastfeeding helps infants grow and develop.

Benefits of Breastmilk

The benefits of breastfeeding can never be over-stated. In fact, as more studies are done on mother’s milk the more we learn about how it promotes good health in babies. As Vanita Pais, registered dietician at the Hospital for Sick Children tells us, studies now show breastfeeding even has an affect on how children learn and their brains develop. “The benefits for breastfeeding would be enhanced immunity and having less of a risk of infections like G.I. infections, respiratory infections. And there is a study that’s been done in Belarus, and that study shows us that long duration of breastfeeding can lead to higher IQ levels. This is the Probit study and they looked at verbal scores and they found that kids who are breastfed for a longer time had better verbal scores.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest is Vanita Pais, registered dietician at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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