Over-scheduled Kids

When those after school lessons are just too much of a good thing

Over-scheduled Kids

With all the wonderful after school lessons available to kids today, it can be pretty tempting to fill their time with one activity after another.  But as much fun as the dance and swimming lessons, the drama club and little league can be, there comes a point where there can be too much of a good thing explains Dr. Peter Marshall, author of Two Jobs, No Life. “Sometimes we over program them and we do that because we feel they’re going to miss opportunities or because we feel guilty that we’re not with them on a full-time basis so we want to cram stuff into their evenings and weekends. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling activities for children, but when do you actually have time to sit down, relax, maybe do absolutely nothing together except share one another’s company. We need that quiet time.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Peter Marshall, author of Two Jobs, No Life.

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