Recess and Exercise

Why keeping recess alive at school is important for health’s sake.

Recess & Exercise

Remember when you were a kid, how your favorite subject was recess?  In all seriousness recess is a very important part of a child’s day.   Getting outside to burn off steam in the fresh air recharges kids so they’re ready to learn.  And it’s why Silken Laumann, former Olympian, and author of Child’s Play is concerned when recess gets dropped out of the school day. “Often outdoor time, recess time is considered an extra. ‘When you finish the math you can go out to recess, or if you don’t finish English you won’t go to gym’, but never, never should that be used as a punishment for a child or a motivation for a child. Believe it or not, there are lots of teachers who do this, and I don’t think they’re necessarily thinking bigger picture. It’s just something they can take away.  But if our kids aren’t concentrating it probably means they need more physical time so they concentrate better, not have it taken away.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Silken Laumann, former Olympian, and author of Child’s Play. Adapted from The Parent Report Radio Show. Any advice or information contained herein should never be a substitute for professional and/or medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. For more information please review Terms of Service.

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