How to Be a Good Step Parent

How to be a good step-parent, not a wicked one.

Good Step-Parenting

If you’re a step-parent, figuring out your role can be a challenge. After all, you’re not their parent even though you may have many of the responsibilities of one. The best idea? Do for you step-child, what you hope another step-parent would do for your child. Mark Ackerman, author of Does Wednesday Means Moms House or Dads? elaborates. “If the child says something negative about Mom, say “you know you’re mom loves you, and you’re going to be able to see your mom next week”, or “let’s go to the store and buy your mom a birthday card” or “buy your mom a Christmas present”, to do the same kinds of things for the other parent that that step-parent would want his or her own children to do for them. In those situations, the child feels comfortable, the child doesn’t feel that he has to tap dance around wondering “who am I going to get upset? Who’s going to be mad at whom?” but feel comfortable and not have to carry that extra burden.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Marc Ackerman, psychologist and author of Does Wednesday Mean Mom’s House or Dad’s.

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