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Ecoholic Home

We all know the earth is in dire straits because of what we do to it and dump on it every day, but we’re often at a loss about how to change things. How can we avoid poisoning our rivers, our lakes and ourselves with the products we use? What are some safe alternatives that actually work and where can we find them? Ecoholic Home guides us through the maze of green choices lining the shelves. You’ll get the dirt on what not to buy and why, as well as helpful tips and practical guides on things to consider as a responsible consumer.

Ecoholic Home

Author: Adria Vasil ISBN 0-679-31484-9

Ecoholic Home explains how the little decisions we make every day ultimately make a big difference. Some are small, like turning down your thermostat, using non-toxic cleaning products or biking to work. Some are larger, like shifting your company’s practices, renovating your home, buying a new car—or doing without a car altogether. And some are just plain fun, like drinking organic beer, hitting the open water on a pop-bottle kayak and spicing up your love life by making your boudoir green.


But being an Ecoholic is not just about doing what’s right for the earth. It’s also about what’s right for your health. Avoiding toxins in the home and in food is the best way to reduce your chances of getting sick, whether from allergies, asthma or even cancer.

Filled with helpful tips on everything from which seafood is safe to eat and where to find organic clothes that don’t look like a burlap sack, to which green cleaning products actually do the job. Ecoholic Home: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada is a witty and informative companion on the road to sustainability.

ADRIA VASIL has been writing the Ecoholic column for NOW Magazine since the spring of 2004 and has covered environmental issues for NOW’s news section for four years. Vasil has a degree in development politics and cultural anthropology from the University of Toronto and a degree in magazine journalism from Ryerson. She has been an advocate for the earth, women’s issues and human rights since her teens. Adria Vasil lives and works in Toronto.

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