Music and Young Children

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the love of music. Fortunately it doesn’t require expensive lessons and instruments to do this.

Singing, even speaking in a sing-song voice to children is a natural for most parents. Something deep inside us tells us that music elicits joy and happiness and even calms our little ones. Charlotte Diamond, former teacher and now an award-winning children’s performer elaborates on how easy it is to bring music into children’s lives. “Young children love music and rhythm. Parents can rock their children and sing to them as a part of a regular routine each night before bed. It’s not necessary to have a great voice, because children are simply happy to hear their parents voice and how they express themselves.”

Whether or not you’ve studied music formally has nothing to do with sharing music with your child. ‘I don’t think a parent should ever be concerned about their own weakness musically”, says Diamond. “Hearing someone sing with their own voice is great, it’s part of who they are and part of their personality.”

As for what you should sing to your child, the answer can be found in the songs and lullabies of your own childhood. It’s not so much how perfectly sung they are explains Diamond. “What’s being communicated is your love for your child, that you’ll take care of them and that they are secure.”

Diamond feels that the more young children are exposed to music, the more likely they will be to develop their musical abilities. “Music is everywhere. If parents have music playing in the home, on tapes in the car, and have fun singing songs with them, then music is just a part of everyday life and children will grow to be musical.”

So rather than reserving music for your child’s formal lessons, bring music into their lives on a regular basis. Sing songs at bedtime or find a favorite tape or CD to play in the car or at home. Diamond says parents should “make a point of listening to music together and sharing feelings with them about music. If you love something and tell them, then they might be encouraged to feel the same way.”

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