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Teen Driving

How teaching our teens to drive can bring us closer to our kids.

Teen Driving

If there is one thing most teens long to do, it’s learn to drive. And since learning to drive requires the input of parents, spending time together suddenly takes on a whole new meaning, as Dr. Harley Rotbart, author of No Regrets Parenting explains. “When your kids are getting their driving permits, every time you go in the car and your kids are nearby, boy if you want your kids to pay attention to you, just call out and say “hey I’m going to the store, want to drive?” Your kids will drop their ear-buds from their ears and drop the video games from their hands and they will run to the car because driving is what kids want to be doing before they are allowed to drive on their own. Teaching teens to drive may be one of the last chances to spend a lot of one-on-one time with your child.”Getting minutes with your kids and turning them into moments when they’re teenagers is a tough thing to do. Driving permits are the perfect way of doing that.”

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