Mom’s Self Image

Loving your body.  Pregnancy and a women’s self-image.

Moms and Self Image

If there’s one thing you can’t control when you’re pregnant, it’s your waistline, after all there’s a human being growing in that belly.  So, instead of dreading the extra pounds and inches, celebrate them suggests Anna Johnson, author of The Yummy Mummy Manifesto.

“In a society where women are trying to constantly squash their bodies in, I think the healthiest way to be pregnant and to birth is to embrace the expansion. Once you’ve got that explicit, powerful belly, I say accentuate it and embrace because you’ll enjoy it a lot more. I think the days of women hiding their pregnant bodies is relegated to Jackie O’s time and it’s now time to get the stretchy dress out and really show it and strut it.”Anna adds you need to stop comparing yourself to those unrealistic celebrity bumps.”If you worry about how you look in jeans and ordinary clothing, and you compare yourself to those that begin their pregnancy at 110 pounds, it takes all the sensual pleasure away.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Anna Johnson, author of The Yummy  Mummy Manifesto.

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