Pregnancy Radio Shows — 12 August 2013
Prenatal & Pregnancy Nutrition

 Eating for two.  What that means for expectant moms.

Prenatal Pregnancy

Today, eating for two means keeping in mind that everything a mother ingests will, good or bad, impact the health of the fetus.  Fortunately, there are easy ways to ensure your baby gets just the right amount of vitamins and minerals says Dr. Alan Greene, author of From First Kicks to First Steps. “Thankfully today there are wonderful prenatal vitamins that we have learned babies need for developing and it’s best to start these prenatal vitamins before the baby is born.  There are a few things that aren’t in prenatal vitamins that it’s important for parents to know about.  Some of these are the omega three fatty acids like DHA that are very important for brain growth.” Dr. Greene recommends getting DHA from wild salmon rather than tuna.”I recommend that during the preconception, conception and pregnancy that women avoid canned white tuna, the albacore tuna, because the levels of mercury can be high enough to permanently harm the brain of a developing fetus.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Alan Greene, author of From First Kicks to First Steps.

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