Dangers of Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy

Why pregnancy is the time to avoid certain chemicals for baby’s sake.

Pesticide Exposure

When it comes to pregnancy, it’s important for women to be cautious around certain chemicals. Dr. Bruce Lanphear, Clinician Scientist at the Child and Family Research Institute at BC Children’s Hospital explains why pesticides in particular should be completely avoided when pregnant. “Prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides is associated with IQ deficits and behaviors consistent with ADHD in children. And while there’s only a few studies out on this, they’re quite consistent and concerning, of course.”

Dr. Lanphear offers a few suggestions on how pregnant women can avoid pesticides. “If women can afford to eat organic I certainly recommend that. The second thing of course is to try and avoid using pesticides in and around the home and to the extent possible, even in our neighbors yards.”

The Parent Report’s guest is Dr. Bruce Lanphear,  Clinician Scientist at Child & Family Research Institute, BC Children’s Hospital and Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SImon Fraser University.

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