Sleep and Good Parenting

How a little extra shut eye could make you an even better parent.

Sleep & Good Parenting

Because it is so difficult to accomplish all of the things we need to in a day, many of us rob our sleep time just to keep up.  But we shouldn’t, because lack of sleep reflects on our parenting.  In fact according to Dr. David Posen, author of “The Little Book of Stress Relief” the symptoms of sleep deprivation are almost identical to the symptoms of stress. “We feel tired, irritable, easily frustrated, we can get a little depressed, our concentration is diminished, our short term memory is decreased.  How it affects our behavior with kids is simply that when we are tired we tend to be irritable, we can be sort tempered, we can be impatient, we’re not very tolerant, not very flexible, we’re not very resilient and that’s when kids have difficulty with us.  And so taking good care of ourselves actually has an impact on all the people we live with.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. David Posen, author of “The Little Book of Stress Relief”

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