Before Baby Health Pregnancy Radio Shows — 30 December 2015
Fitness Programs During Pregnancy.

Tips for starting a fitness program during pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Fitness

Exercise during pregnancy has a lot of benefits like keeping weight gain in check, and reducing leg cramps and high blood pressure.  And the good news is, beginning an exercise program during pregnancy is safe provided you follow some rules, says Dr. Karen Nordahl, co-author of Fit to Deliver. “What we advocate women do is in their first trimester and early second trimester is begin a walking program, and that’s just as simple as twenty minutes a day, three times per week provided they get the okay from their mid-wife or caregiver before starting.”Because the uterus enlarges after the first trimester, it’s important to make a few modifications to your fitness program. We don’t have them exercising on their back. We ask them not to monitor heart rate during the cardiovascular portion of their exercise program. We actually get them to use the ‘talk test’, and what that means is we get them to say two sentences without becoming short of breath. And we actually say, after the fifteenth week, avoid any sports that have a potential for abdominal trauma.

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