Before Baby Birth Radio Shows — 12 November 2014

Are you considering childbirth at home? 


About 2% of births take place at home, and the verdict is still out on how safe they are. Some studies show that there’s higher infant mortality but less interventions like Caesarian sections with homebirths. Overall though, Dr. Paul Bernstein, co-author of Canada’s Pregnancy Care Book says homebirths can be very successful with the right care and the right patient.

“Statistically, if the patients are selected appropriately, these homebirths, they do well. I mean, the statistics mirror the statistics of people coming to the hospital. I mean you can always have issues, unexpected issues you’re confronted with. I mean the same thing can happen in the hospital but I think that it behooves the people that are doing it to select their patients appropriately. And a midwife is can always be a good choice for a family. I think the midwives give excellent prenatal and intrapartum and postpartum type of care.”

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